Best Diet Post Wisdom Teeth Extraction – John T. Bowman, DMD 

Wisdom teeth extraction is a procedure that requires patients rest and make specific choices about their oral care and nutrition for several days following. After surgery, patients have limited chewing function and must avoid foods that are difficult to eat and which may negatively impact the healing process. Their diet must be adjusted in the recovery period to promote healing and ensure they can relax comfortably. Many of these tips are taken from an article written on, titled, “What to Eat After Wisdom Tooth Removal.”

What can I Eat?

Recovering patients need to stick to soft foods that require no chewing. Excessive jaw movement can loosen the clots from extraction areas, leaving sockets exposed to infection and allowing food particles to become trapped. Food should be at room temperature to avoid discomfort from thermal sensitivity. As the numbness that follows the procedure lasts for a few hours, be careful not to bite your lip or tongue while eating.

Mashed potatoes are a popular option, as are soups, broths, and smoothies. Protein and mineral rich foods, such as yogurt or cottage cheese are easy to eat and supply important nutrients. Be sure not to eat foods that can get caught in extraction sites, such as seeds or pulp, and never use a straw. Patients should regularly rinse their mouths after meals to flush tiny particles of food and prevent the risk of infection. Drinking water is another important aspect of a patients’ post-extraction diet; staying hydrated is key to recovery and well-being after oral surgery. 

How Long Until I Can Eat Normally?

Patients should wait a few days before returning to a normal diet. After about three days, you can begin eating warmer or colder food items. Within a week, patients should feel well enough to try harder foods, while still being mindful to avoid seeds or food which can still become stuck. In this time, it’s important not to consume sugary foods or beverages, as these easily cause increased risk of infection. The extraction sites will take a few weeks to heal, so rinsing after each meal will be important until they close. 

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If you have any issues with your post-surgery experience, please call Dr. Bowman immediately. Our team can inform you on the proper foods to eat, guide you on the use of pain medication, and answer any other questions you may have. We support patients through the entire wisdom teeth extraction process, helping them achieve lasting oral health. 


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