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Florida Skin Care Tips – John T. Bowman, DMD, MD – Boca Raton, FL

When seasons change, it’s particularly important to alter your skin care routine, especially when travelling to places with different climates. In Boca Raton, and throughout humid and sunny Florida, many individuals forego making changes to their skin care routine. As a result, they often suffer from sun burns, dry deep skin, and clogged pores, which can cause and increase the occurrence of blemishes. By implementing skin care as a daily habit or even making small adjustments to your existing skin care routine can improve the health of the skin and promote longevity. 

Tips for Improved Skin Care

For both men and women, taking care of the skin in sunny locales is the best way to preserve a youthful appearance and avoid long-term skin damage. A twice-daily care routine, can significantly alter how the skin feels. If it helps you remember, try adding to your morning and even teeth brushing routine. Beach and pools days can make our skin feel tight and dry, and even uncomfortable with sunburns.

Follow the steps below to stay moisturized and protected in Boca Raton and Florida. 

Cleanse – Wash the face with a dermatologist recommended cleanser in the morning and at night. Removing excess oils and pore-clogging particles helps facial skin feel fresh and remain clear. Use a gentle cleanser so moisture may be retained in deeper layers of skin. Many kinds of body soaps can be drying, especially when taking an extra hot shower or bath. To minimize this effect, shower with cooler water and use soap that moisturizes. 

Hydrate – Maintaining skin softness requires regular hydration. Drinking water throughout the day, especially while in the sun, will not only stave off the effects of excessive heat, but also protects the skin from drying. Keep a water bottle on hand and refill when it’s empty to support healthy skin and overall body health. Apply lotion regularly, especially after cleansing, to ensure the skin stays appropriately moisturized. A good way to retain moisture is by applying lotion right after exiting the shower.

 Protect – This step is the most important by far, as consistent skin protection with sunscreen prevents long-term damage. As we age, sun exposure begins to take a toll on our body, which can result in sun spots and premature aging, as well as increase risk for skin cancer. Sun screen lotion can moisturize skin and defend against UV rays, but be sure to use sunscreen that is SPF 15 or higher. Also use tanning oils with SPF, but do not spend hours sunbathing, as this can still be detrimental to skin health even with sun screen. 

Skin Treatments for Improved Appearance and Health 

Dr. John Bowman offers skin care treatments to restore damage caused by sun exposure and blemishes. Therapies available from our office include acne treatment and chemical peels as great options to slough off damaged skin and keep pores clean. Contact our office today!


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