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How Athletic Mouth Guards Protect Your Smile – John T. Bowman, DMD, MD – Boca Raton, FL

Mouth guards are more commonly used in contact sports, where the chances of significant damage to the dentition are much higher. They are, however, recommended for any sort of sport or recreational activity that can result in broken teeth, sports such as volleyball, martial arts, and skating. Active individuals of all ages can benefit from mouth guard protection. Parents should consider getting their child a mouth guard for active children who have developed permanent teeth. 

The Advantage of Athletic Mouth Guards

Many do not realize the stress they put on their teeth during everyday life or especially while playing sports. Many individuals clench their teeth while during sport activity, which can wear down teeth and make them more prone to chipping or cracking over time. For sports and activity, the risk for accidents, such as breaking teeth or fracturing jaws is much higher. A single accident can cause significant damage to teeth, which is avoidable with a mouth guard. 

Where can I get a Mouth Guard?

The best mouth guards are customized to individual teeth at your general dentist or oral surgeon. These are designed fit securely on teeth yet leave room for breathing normally. These individualized mouth guards won’t fall out during play, and offer the greatest protection. Another option is to purchase a boil-and-bite mouth guard over-the-counter, which allows protection, but may not fit as well or remain in place, as a custom guard does. The third option is to purchase a generic mouth guard, which will offer minimal protection and is not form-fitted to the smile. They can fall out easily during activity and may feel bulky when worn. 

Are mouth guards worth the cost if not playing a Contact Sport?

The American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons, the Academy for Sports Dentistry, and the American Dental Association all recommend the use of athletic mouth guards. According to the Nationwide Children’s Hospital, 10-20 percent of all sports-related injuries are maxillofacial (face and jaw) related. Although it’s not possible to prevent all injuries, it’s important to protect against impact from accidents that can cause extreme discomfort and damage to oral health. 

Need an Athletic Mouth Guard? Contact our Boca Raton Oral Surgeon

Protecting yourself or your child from lasting dental damage can be as easy as visiting our Boca Raton oral surgeon, Dr. John T. Bowman. Our skilled staff is able to handle jaw-related injuries, if you or your child has suffered an accident and was not wearing a protective appliance. Contact our office today for more information. 


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