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Understanding the Implant Process

Implants have become the best option for restoring missing teeth, improving upon traditional options such as bridges and dentures. In addition to their durability, implant-supported restorations enhance the health of the jaw. However, despite their popularity, many patients remain unaware of the actual placement and restoration process.

In order to make patients more comfortable with receiving dental implants, we have created this guide to explain the process of planning, placement, and restoration. 

Treatment Planning

The planning process for implants is performed in concert between a patient’s general dentist and an oral surgeon. Your general dentist will work with you to determine your eligibility for dental implants, or if you will require additional pretreatment to qualify. If it is determined that patients require additional treatment, a general dentist will work with a periodontist, an endodontist, or an oral surgeon. 

If patients are qualified for implants, 3D images of the treatment site will be taken to allow an oral surgeon to plan the eventual placement. This digital treatment planning ensures that implants are placed for the most beneficial results possible. 

Implant Placement

Once you have been informed of the treatment plan created by your general dentist and oral surgeon, the process of placement is the next step. Implant posts are made from titanium, allowing them to fuse and integrate with the bone of the jaw. These are placed while a patient is sedated, allowing for successful treatment that enhances patients’ comfort. Once the placement is complete, a healing abutment caps the implant, ensuring that it properly bonds to the smile. This implant will support the final restoration. 

Implant Restoration

Whether replacing one or more teeth, restorations can be placed once the implant has fused to the jawbone. The type of restoration and the materials used can be chosen by patients in coordination with their oral surgeon and dentist, allowing for a smile that not only looks but feels natural. These restorations can restore balance to a bite by replacing a single tooth or replace an entire arch to allow for restored speech and bite function.

Maintenance and Cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning dental implants can be performed in much the same way as natural teeth, through regular brushing and flossing. Regular cleaning appointments with a general dentist will ensure that patients’ restorations remain healthy and that the restorations maintain their personalized fit. 

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