When You Should Visit an Oral Surgeon – John T. Bowman, DMD, MD  

Many dentists try to make your oral care as convenient as possible. They offer oral surgeries, advanced treatments, and try to make their practice a one-stop shop. Although convenient, this is not in the best interests of patients. Whether for emergencies, advanced dental treatments, or surgeries, an oral surgeon provides experienced and proven care. Trained to properly address issues regarding the facial skeleton and dental structures, these specialists are much better equipped to fulfill your needs properly. If you are wondering why you should see an oral surgeon for certain procedures, this guide will help you understand. 


Many accidents and trauma inflict damage to the actual jaw or affect many teeth at once. If teeth are knocked out or facial bones are fractured, your oral and maxillofacial surgeon is equipped to diagnose the issues and administer the best possible care. They can reinsert teeth into their sockets and keep them in place for healing, or perform treatments that allow skeletal issues to heal with minimal impact to your appearance. 

Oral surgeons are experts in the maxillofacial area and understand exactly where sensitive tissues are. Your nerves and blood vessels need to be carefully operated around, and an oral surgeon understands how to do so. 

Dental Implant Treatment

This procedure requires strategic planning and an expert touch to complete successfully. Implant posts must be placed and angled according to exact specifications throughout the smile, otherwise, they may fail or impact surround structures. During their education, oral surgeons are trained in implant placement and how to make the best use of existing bone structure. Additionally, they are qualified to perform any preliminary procedures, such as bone grafts, which help many people obtain dental implants when they do not have enough bone. For optimal success and the best materials, turn to an oral surgeon to complete the first part of this treatment. 

Wisdom Teeth Extraction 

Wisdom teeth are difficult to extract for many reasons. They are near the back of the mouth, which is difficult to access, and everyone has a unique wisdom teeth situation that requires an individualized approach. Oral surgeons have the requisite experience to extract third molars, especially complex cases needing special attention. If your child requires wisdom teeth removal, putting them in the capable hands of an oral surgeon is their best bet to avoid complications and accelerate their healing time. 

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