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Here in our Florida office, we are proud to offer exemplary bone grafting procedures. Our surgeon, John T. Bowman, MD, DDS, is a skilled professional in his field and wants to help anyone who needs advanced jaw procedures. To achieve a functional, beautiful smile, our jawbone has to be in proper health. Jaw bone loss can be caused by: missing teeth, smoking, cancer, and improper hygiene. Bone grafting is one method that can correct bone loss, and there are a few ways that this procedure can be accomplished. Our Boca Raton office is determined to find the best solution for you and your oral health. 

What is Bone Grafting?

Dr. Bowman’s goal with bone grafting is to increase the amount of bone tissue in your mouth so that your oral health is preserved for the future. Bone grafting is also used to prepare a jaw for other procedures. Bone grafting is also used to prepare a jaw for other procedures, for it provides a stable foundation for restorations to be implemented into. Dental implants need this specific procedure specifically for their posts need adequate bone to be ensure stability for the restoration. Although it may sound like a complicated procedure, Dr. Bowman and his staff are here to help make the process as easy and comfortable as possible. 

How it Works

After planning the procedure and reviewing your personal oral health needs. Dr. Bowman will use bone tissue, from your chin, hip, or a synthetic source, and attach it to your jaw bone. After the bone is attached it will need a few months to heal before any further procedures can be done. After some time the new bone will fuse to your jaw and simply be part of your jaw, as if you were born with it. Then you will be ready for dental implants, crowns, or other oral procedures depending on what you need. Dr. Bowman is educated on the latest procedure tactics to ensure the successful integration of the new bone. 

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If you are in need of bone grafting, or want implants but are unsure if you’re jaw bone is healthy enough, then Dr. Bowman is the right doctor for you. With careful examinations and gentle care, he strives to ensure a healthy oral future. Contact our office for your Boca Raton bone grafting procedures, we’re happy to help. 

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