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Digital Imaging Technology for Oral and Maxillofacial Procedures  

Advanced oral and maxillofacial surgery can only be accomplished with advanced technology that allows for precise procedural care. Your Boca Raton oral surgeon is prepared to provide the best procedures possible through digital technology that John T. Bowman, DMD, MD uses when working on the mouth. Through detailed digital X-rays, cone beam CT scans, and digital imaging, our procedures gain efficiency and improve the patient experience.

Digital Imaging of the Mouth for Precise Procedures

With new imaging technologies, the whole mouth can be mapped in high detail for both the doctor and patients alike. Dr. Bowman uses images of the mouth to have a deeper understanding of each patient's individual oral health. He can design treatment plans based on a patient's specific needs that a digital X-ray shows. Complex procedures can be planned step-by-step the best possible outcome.
Types of digital imaging our office offers:

Cone beam CT Scan - Also known as a CAT scan, this technology builds a three-dimensional image of the mouth. This 3D panoramic image is invaluable for looking at each patient's oral health. This incredibly advanced scan shows bone density, gum lines, where teeth roots are, and helps in preparing your Boca Raton surgeon for dental implant placement or wisdom teeth removal. 

Digital X-rays - Like your normal X-rays, but much improved. With a similar function to traditional x-rays, these reduce patient exposure to radiation by 90 percent and require almost no wait time for review. Dr. Bowman can put the X-ray on a TV screen and show patients exactly what's going on inside their mouth, and this is extremely beneficial for patient education.

Educating Patients for Improved Awareness

Our dental team understands that receiving oral surgery can be daunting, but with digital imaging, patients are made aware of every step in their procedure. When you know every step of procedure, it is much easier to be calm and trust the doctor. If a patient is anxious from poor oral treatment in the past, they can be assured a gentle and easy procedure at Dr. Bowman's practice. He wants each procedure to be successful and perform procedures that positively affect the lives of his patients.

Complete Care through Digital Imaging

We are a team of dedicated professionals who want to provide powerful oral health treatments in Boca Raton. For oral health care that cares for the whole smile and face, please contact Dr. Bowman's office or request an appointment online

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