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Dry Socket and Prevention - John T. Bowman, DMD, MS - Boca Raton, FL

After teeth extraction, it’s crucial to follow the care guidelines provided by the oral surgeon, otherwise dry socket may occur. John T. Bowman, DMD, MD, is your Boca Raton oral surgeon who extracts teeth and provides treatment for dry socket. At our practice, we do our best to protect all patients in-office and when they return home after their procedure. We thoroughly educate patients on their post-care routine and do all possible to avoid dry socket. 

What is Dry Socket?

After teeth extraction, whether standard or for wisdom teeth, a clot forms inside the site. This clot protects inner structures such as the bone from exposure to bacteria and food particles. The week following their procedure, patients need to be careful not to knock the clot loose, as the extraction area is still healing. Clots can be removed in a few ways including vigorous hygiene, physical activity, or sometimes it dissolves on its own. The newly-exposed area is known as dry socket, which can be a source of discomfort and infection to any extraction patient. 

If patients experience dry socket, it’s important to inform Dr. Bowman or the referring general dentist of the clot’s removal. They can deliver the appropriate treatment to prevent infection, and monitor the site as it heals over. Some key symptoms of dry socket include: 

  • Patients can See Bone
  • Intense Discomfort in Extraction Sites
  • Continued Bleeding 
  • Bad Breath
  • Foul Taste in the Mouth

How to Prevent Dry Socket

Preventing dry socket involves rest and disciplined care. The most important aspects of this care include the following rules: 

Do Not Smoke or Use a Straw

Smoking and using a straw involve suction that can eliminate clots. Smoking, additionally, introduces harmful materials to healing extraction areas. 

Pursue a Gentle Diet

Hard foods, or those that are too hot, are uncomfortable to eat in the immediate days following teeth removal. Eat soft, easily chewable food items that will not cause chunks of food to get stuck in the socket. Mashed potatoes and seedless smoothies are popular options, and your oral surgeon can recommend additional diet ideas. 


Do not brush extraction sites until cleared to do so by Dr. Bowman or your dentist, as it will loosen the clot. Instead, continue to brush and floss existing teeth and also rinse out extraction sites. Use a syringe to gently push out any food material and use medication as directed. If you need further instruction on your oral care, be sure to rely on your medical professionals. 

Treating Dry Socket

Dry socket can be painful and leave extraction sites open to infection. When patients see Dr. Bowman for their dry socket issues, he ensures their safety and healing. With a careful cleaning procedure, he will remove any food debris or source of potential infection. Then, he may perform additional treatment as necessary. In some cases, usually, those where oral health is not taken care of, antibiotics may be prescribed. No matter the reason for your dry socket, Dr. Bowman will resolve any issues or discomfort and strive to protect your oral health. 

Contact our Boca Raton Practice if You have Dry Socket

We will schedule patients experiencing dry socket as soon as possible, granting them rapid care. We are passionate about oral health and will do all we can to prevent permanent damage or intense discomfort as a result of dry socket. 

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