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Oral Examinations & Cancer Screenings in Boca Raton

An oral surgeon typically performs an extensive oral exam during your first visit to your Boca Raton practice. John T. Bowman, DMD, MD, checks for diseases, infections, and any signs of ill health in the oral and maxillofacial-jaw and face-areas. Reviewing a patient's oral pathology is incredibly important in treating oral pain or managing signs of disease. 

The Oral Exam in Detail 

Dr. Bowman inspects the mouth, jaws, and facial structure in detail. The soft and hard tissue are checked for signs of disease or cancer, and a record is made for future treatment. If you were referred to our office by your family dentist, Dr. Bowen will examine the areas specified, take tissue samples, and send them to a lab for analysis. Our experienced oral surgeon, dental assistants, and hygienists work with patients to discuss the outcome of the exam and detail a plan for future care.

Oral cancer screenings, a different exam on its own, use a gentle laser light that help Dr. Bowman inspect tissues. How the tissues react to the laser will reveal the presence of cancerous cells. If cancerous cells are found, a biopsy is necessary to learn more about the cancer's progression and what sort of treatment options are viable. Oral cancer has a high cure rate and can be totally reversible if caught early on, making prompt care and frequent screenings important. 

When to Seek Oral Cancer Screenings 

A family dentist may refer patients to us if they notice symptoms of pathological infection, or patients may request an appointment at our Boca Raton practice if they notice something is not quite right with their oral health. Common signs of potential dental health issues, such as 

  • Chronic or extreme facial and jaw pain
  • Wisdom teeth complications
  • Sleep Apnea
  • Infected and discolored tongue (fuzzy tongue)
  • Cysts or growths

Oral and maxillofacial issues need to be diagnosed before treatment is administered, and it's always better to be seen by an oral surgeon as soon as symptoms are noticed. Many oral health issues require simple, non-invasive treatment. Fuzzy tongue can be eliminated a special mouthwash prescribed by our doctor, and many ailments can be cured by antibiotics. Even if an oral health problem requires a more thorough procedure, our Boca Raton oral surgeon protects the sensitivity of patients' mouths and makes the procedures as comfortable as possible. 

Schedule Your Next Oral Exam with Dr. Bowman 

Ensuring your oral and avoiding the complications of oral cancer is easy -- all it requires is routine examinations to protect you from unseen or developing health problems. Dr. Bowman and his team are dedicated to providing a better smile, from the neck up. Schedule an appointment online, or use our referral form to refer your patients. 

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