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Wisdom Teeth Extractions in Boca Raton, FL 

Wisdom teeth, or third molars, are the last set of teeth to emerge in the mouth, and oftentimes there is not enough room to accommodate their presence. In order to avoid severe impaction, which can cause serious damage to dentition, tooth extractions are recommended. Boca Raton oral and maxillofacial surgeon Dr. John Bowman has been performing wisdom teeth extractions for over a decade and is able to remove the teeth in an efficient manner so that patients are completely comfortable before, during and after their procedure.

Why Are Wisdom Teeth Removed?

Wisdom teeth served their purpose long ago when humans were consuming foods that were difficult to digest. However, with evolution, our diets changed, making our mouths more compact and creating less space for wisdom teeth to surface properly. Now when wisdom teeth begin to emerge, they are likely to become impacted or stuck in a position that, if left untreated, could disrupt the bite position, which could also cause issues with the jaw and facial skeletal structure as well as promote infection, disease and damage to nearby teeth. To avoid severe complications, we often recommend removing all four wisdom teeth.

How Is the Procedure Performed?

All wisdom teeth extractions begin with an examination including x-rays of the mouth. Digital x-rays will help Dr. Bowman pinpoint the exact location of the teeth and view the way in which they are impacted. Dr. Bowman will also assess whether the wisdom teeth have already begun to inflict damage onto the nearby teeth. Typically, as patients reach the age when wisdom teeth emerge, Dr. Bowman conducts regular screenings to monitor their development and prevent future problems.

Once x-rays have been taken and a treatment plan has been created, you will be scheduled for surgery. Wisdom teeth extractions take place in Dr. Bowman’s Boca Raton office where patients are placed under IV sedation. The time it takes to complete the procedure depends on the severity of the impaction, but most surgeries will take an hour or less and no inpatient care is required.

What Happens After the Procedure?

You may feel a little giddy after you come out of sedation, and the anesthesia will take another hour or so to wear off. Gauze pads will be placed on the extraction sites, and you will need to replace to keep the areas clean. Any continued bleeding should stop within 24 hours of surgery, and it’s important not to engage in rigorous activities that could increase blood seepage.

Cold and warm compresses may be used to alleviate any pain, and pain medication may be prescribed by Dr. Bowman so that you feel comfortable while you heal. Only consume soft foods for the first day or two after surgery; you may introduce firmer foods as your healing progresses. To ensure that the extraction sites remain sterile, rinse your mouth with a warm salt water solution several times a day.

Wisdom Teeth Extraction in Boca Raton

Dr. Bowman will provide you with necessary at-home care instructions before your surgery begins, and if you have any complications during the recovery process, please contact our office immediately. If you would like to schedule an appointment for a wisdom teeth extraction, please call our office today.

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